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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Revelation Release Day Contest!

In celebration of the release of Third Day's new CD Revelation, we are having another little contest.

Simply comment and tell us your favorite song from Revelation. If you didn't pre-order or haven't had an opportunity to listen to the new CD, check the side bar for a sneak peak of this amazing CD.

In order to be entered into the contest,


If you don't want to post it publicly, email it to me at jamiemcgaugh@gmail.com or Traci at traci.haystacks@gmail.com.

Good luck. Contest Starts NOW. Contest ends, Monday, July 28th at Midnight. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 29th, RELEASE DAY!!!

Prize? Oh yeah. We are giving away a Revelation CD/T-shirt set.

Small print:
*Everyone is eligible to win. Since we are the owners and sole proprietors of this site, we exclude only ourselves and those who contribute regularly to the photo blog.
*We are not associated with or spokespersons for THIRD DAY. We function as a fan base. THIRD DAY was gracious enough to allow us to use their name to promote this photo blog dedicated to their live shows.
*We in no way profit from this site.
~Traci & Jamie


GomerGal said...

My favorite song on Revelation is hard to pick...so many have witnessed to me. If I had to pick one it would probably be Take It All. Just recently I was going through a tough time and I was unwilling to let go of my past and allow God to heal my heart. This song brought me to my knees many days crying out...Take it all cause I can't take it any longer all I have I can't make it on my own.



Terra King said...

My favorite song of course is Otherside & I guess I can't complain this time around about not being eligible for the contest since you have openly excluded me... Good Luck to all !!!


trisha_robertson said...

Tough call on a favorite song - Run to Me would have to be my favorite. It just seems to really be speaking to me right now. All the songs are great though and at different times during the week I could pick most any other as my favorite. Can't wait for the CD to come out!

Trisha | trisha.lynn.robertson(at)gmail.com

Evan said...

My favorite song is Otherside. Otherside was the first song I ever heard from Revelation.



Silverose said...

My favorite song off Revelation is Otherside. The song really rocks!

Third Day Addict said...

Otherside is my favorite song it really Jams! It always lifts my spirit thinking about going to the Otherside :D



Traci said...

No, of course I'm not eligible to win, but I like to talk about REVELATION as much as the next fan. ;)
My favorite song on REVELATION is GIVE LOVE. Without becoming overly sentimental, the song is sweet and pure in it's lyric and melody.

Katie said...

My favorite song from the new album is slow down. Love the lyrics, the sound, vocals, everything!

e-mail: kjbug40@bellsouth.net

Elaine said...

Let Me Love You is my favorite song on Revelation. Although I love the entire CD, this song gave me chills the first time I heard it. The lyrics are filled with hope and the bridge reminds me that I don't need to look anywhere else for encouragement.

Elaine (e_rosell@msn.com)

Kelly said...

I don't want to be entered in this contest since I got the last one, but like Traci, I just love to talk about Third Day! :)

That said, my favorite from the new CD is Take it All. I was having a REALLY bad week and struggling just to make it through the day with a smile on my face...then one night I heard that song and I'd heard it many times before, but I never really listened until that night. Needless to say, the rest of my week went much better :) I also love Give Love though...its just so different from the rest of the album and it's got that same southern vibe as I've Always Loved You.

Anonymous said...

My favorite song is Call My Name. It reminds me that God will never leave me or forsake me. He is always there for us and on our side.

steph a nie said...

My favorite off Revelation is...

Revelation. (tied with Born Again I think)

I am sure this is the most difficult time I have had choosing a favorite off an album. ****does anyone mean specifically "people"?

NurseBettyLu said...

This Is Who I Am. No question about it. However, there ain't a dud on the whole album.

Greyshades said...

I'm diggin' "This Is Who I Am". I've been looking forward to this one more than any of the other stuff I think, because I can hear the passion in the music. Being a worship leader, and a musician myself, I can't wait to start learning these songs. As always Third Day does it again, and again, and again. God bless them greatly.

Sean - greyshades@netzero.net

Tony Leprotti said...

I have to pick Otherside. I love Mark's guitar lick in that song. I can't wait to hear more of the entire album.

Tony said...

I have to pick Otherside. I love Mark's guitar lick.

SirMax said...

Take it All is my favorite. But I have to say that when "Run to You" comes on I crank it up really loud!!!

Teri said...

They have already ministered to me tremendously. To pick a favorite I might have to pick Run To You at the moment. I just love that sense of crying out to God in our brokeness and knowing/ hoping He'll be there, even the umpteenth time we've blown it! Plus it just rocks!
Teri A

Voice On The Wind said...

Gosh its a hard one. Right now, my favourite is still Call My Name. It speaks to me so deeply. I cry sometimes, acknowledging the plea that Mac is singing on behalf of God -
I want you to never doubt, My love for you is so alive.

It may be something simple for others...but for me, I am brought to my knees and make myself receive, where I am usually too scared to.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so hard to pick just one!! If I had to pick one right now, I would say "Run to You". That song just rocks!!! The lyrics are great, the music is great!! The song is just great!! But I love the whole CD and "Caught Up In Yourself" also gets a hit of the repeat button on the way to work most mornings! But this is truly one album that I can say I really like every song! The boys have outdone themselves. If their next album is better than this one, my head might explode!


Ladd said...

I have only heard a couple of the new songs. From what I have heard my favorite is Call My Name.



Anonymous said...

I like "Slow Down". I really don't know why it is my favorite, but it is. Amy Barbee

Anonymous said...

Well, since favorites change almost daily, TODAY my favorite song is Give Love. It goes perfectly with my other favorite Third Day song, GIVE! All I want is LOVE!



Dustin Stamper said...

My favorite song is "Run to You". The lyrics stress hope in always having God to run to. Mac's voice blended amazingly with Flyleaf's Lacey Mosley. It's way beyond music...it is emotion. What confirmed what I was feeling was reading the Billboard article about Howard Benson, the Jewish producer who, along with Mosley broke down and cried during the recording session. As Benson put it, "...you and her do this because you're coming to God right now in front of my eyes." Just incredible.

Kristi (aka Third Day Crazy Gomer) said...

My favorite song so far is probably "Let Me Love You" Can't wait until the 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My current favorite is Born Again. I love the harmonies.



carol wagner said...

Thanks for doing this contest! You're both awesome!
Okay, how does a person pick a favorite??? RUN TO YOU, OTHERSIDE, LET ME LOVE YOU, BORN AGAIN, GIVE LOVE...IMPOSSIBLE to pick a favorite!!
But, for the sake of choosing today, hmmm, I just can't. I'm thinking OTHERSIDE (so meaningful to me) or BORN AGAIN. Truthfully, as the Lord speaks to me, and He knows my heart, I have to say today Born Again!

Okay, I did it! BORN AGAIN
That was tough!!! You just took a small peak in the mind of Carol Wagner! :) After all that, it is cool that I remembered to give you my EMAIL ADDRESS: Wagner13@netzero.com

Joan: if you remember, I've tried to contact you, but to no avail,so just email me at above address! God Bless You! Carol Wagner

Anonymous said...

Favorite would have to be TAKE IT ALL! Same reasons others have had - tough times for all I guess. Jesus said we would have tribulation, but we were to be of good cheer because HE overcame. Well, I find that good cheer when I give it to Him. So, TAKE IT ALL!

-Lori Hamlin


Cacie<3 said...

I really love all the songs on Revelation, but my favorite is This is Who I am, it has a really kool sound and amazing lyrics!


Cebrina said...

Hard to choose just one... I guess I'll say Otherside. It may change. :)

I will email you my email address.

Christy H. said...

Otherside. Do you have my email?
What a fun contest!


Reg said...

"Call My Name"...or "Revelation"...or "Otherside"...or maybe, "Let Me love You"...no, maybe it's "Slow Down".... I can't decide, maybe "Give Love" or "Born Again." I also like "This Is Who I Am" and "Run to You" as well as "I Will Always Be True" but then again "Caught Up in Yourself" and "Ready" are really good too!!! I guess I'll just..."Take It All!"

Third Day Rocks!!!

FIBERONE said...

"Call My Name" is my favorite. However, I like all the songs and my favorite song may change every day.