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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuskahoma Pictures Part 2

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Never have I been through so much to see this band. We were in good company. The Wards( Traci and Jason) and Steph joined The Okies(Me, Terra and Shelly) for this one. I knew something was terribly wrong, when we got the venue and people were already in our "chosen seats". Someone beat me to the venue? It was impossible, I thought. I found out the people who were there had been there since 8 AM. That is HARD CORE. More HARD CORE than even me.

The worst part was the 8 hours of what they call "local gospel talent". When I say 8 hours, I mean 8 HOURS SOLID! Constant music. Constant singing. Mostly BAD. We also encountered a few really smelly people throughout the day. That was lovely. It was HOT and last but certainly no least,about an hour before Third Day, the security guard decided to come and tell me that we were going to have to move from the seats we had been in for 8 HOURS. We were advised we were sitting in the area reserved for "Tribal Council". Why they did not tell us this fact in the 8 HOURS before that is beyond me. WE managed to scoot over and find a place on the ground beside the "Tribal Council Area". Let me just tell you, I was NOT a happy camper by this point. They moved out roughly 40 people, and I think around 8 people came in and sat in the "Tribal Council Area". I am probably not going to let this go anytime soon. I believe that we all decided, not to attend the Choctaw Festival EVER AGAIN.
Now, for the show. The guys were in Rock Mode. The show was GREAT. Was it worth what we had to endure? Maybe. The jury is still out. The memory of the constant music is still to fresh in my mind. I am ready for some reserved seats on the Music Builds Tour.

Here are a few pics that I wanted to share.

Mac Powell
Tai Anderson

Mark Lee

David Carr


SirMax said...

I would give you the HARD CORE prize!!!! Great pictures as always.

I am never shocked at the total stupidity of security for a concert. Let 40 people sit in the sun for 8 hours and then tell them they have to move...dude that's enough to get hurt over.

At least you had some great company! Did you get to say hey to the band?

Scott Fillmer said...

Nice collection of images, I love shooting live bands in concert. It is quite a challenge to get the lighting just right. I love trying to get those beams of colors across the guitar in just the right way but doing live events, you always get something different.

I recently shot a band that was using nothing but blue light (not the best for images) and I had to get real creative with showing the power and intensity of worship these guys had. It was a blast. Great stuff here.