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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Third Day NC State Fair Raleigh NC

Wendy here...guest posting again.
Third Day FINALLY came back to Raleigh for the Fair (last time was 2005).
Fun show. The Dorton Arena isn't the greatest acoustic sounding place but Third Day always seems to make it sound good. The red lights were killing my pictures this evening so I don't have many but here ya go...


Carol L (tdfan gomer) said...

Awesome pics. Great meeting all of you in person. Show rocked!

Shelley7 said...

I wish I had the pics of Mac Powell taking my phone at the NC State Fair concert, and talking to my brother, James (Jay-bo, as I called him when we were kids). Third Day has been a huge influence in my brother's life when he got saved and now in his music ministry. I wish I had the chance to thank Mac for taking my phone... he has NO idea what it meant. Jay wanted me to say "thank you for your CHRIST CENTERED" music. I guess I'll just post it here! :)