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Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Tour is almost here!

Finally! The MOVE Sprint tour kicks off in 3 weeks! The loyal ThirdDayPix teams will reporting in from Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virgina. (Just to name a few.)

Let's celebrate with a contest!

1. Leave a comment telling us which song off the MOVE cd you would most love to hear live.

2. Await notification of your great fortune.

A winner will be picked at random from all the entries. Please be sure to leave an email address or link to a website where we can contact you, if you're the winner.

The winner will choose a photo from the ThirdDayPix website. The photo will be printed in high resolution and autographed by the band member. One of a kind, personally autographed photo!

Get to it, Third Day fans!
Contest ends 2/17/11


Jason & Traci said...

I'm not eligible to win, of course, but I thought I would comment anyway. =)
I would love to hear I'LL BE YOUR MIRACLE!

Anonymous said...

Ditto that one!!

Anonymous said...

It would be so cool to hear "Come On Down"!

Dakota said...

Lift up Your Face is pretty awesome. That would definitely be a fun song to hear live!

allison3d said...

I'd love to hear Everywhere You Go, or, even though I've heard it many times, I still love GONE live!!

Chelsie Gratzer said...

I wanna hear Surrender or Everywhere You Go..... or pretty much any and all of them!

-Chelsie Gratzer
(FB or Twitter @gratzer94)

Susie Finney said...

My favorite song is "Surrender" :)

You can contact me via e-mail. young_missionary@hotmail.com

Katie said...

Surrender is a definite one for me. They have to do it! It's my fave song but I love move too. Decisions decisions :) glad I'm not in charge of the setlist.



Anonymous said...

I would be soo pleased to hear "Everywhere You Go"! I love the guitars in it! It would be soo awesome to hear & see it done live! Thanks, for asking & God Bless!!
Cindy Boo (FB)
goatkeeper7 on twitter

Jeannie DeChant said...

I know they are already playing but I love the song GONE! Haven't taken this CD out of the CD player in my car. Can't stop listening to it!!

Firewerks Studios said...

I'm really digging "Everywhere You Go" right now. That would be a great live song.

David Clements
Twitter: @dclements427

David and Wendie Clements said...

I would really like to hear "Surrender" live. We're going to the Indianapolis show in March! VIP!