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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Few of my Favorties from the Weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of the weekend. We had such a wonderful time. I would do it again, in a second, but maybe add in a bit more sleep.
My traveling buddies were great!! Love all you girls!!

Mac doing his "RockStar" Pose!

The Cowboy!!!

The coolest drummer EVER.

Another cool shot of the Cowboy.

The Dr.

Mac Powell.

Another shot of David.

I love the lights in this shot. Very cool.

Love the lights in this one, too.

The Okie Girls with The Cowboy!!

Someone crashed out at Terra's............


SirMax said...

Okay the Rockstar shot is the MONEY SHOT girl...heard Terra took that one

Okay is my Rockstar wearing the outfit from Myrtle Beach??? Email me that one....hello....love ya!

Jamie said...

I am taking full photo credit for the Rockstar money shot. That one is MINE. Check your inbox!

Godgrl Gomer said...

You know what....with such fantastic shots like that which have become your 'standard'...I am amazed that you havent been employed as 3D's official show photographer. I am serious!
Thank you for sharing these gems.

Emily........ said...

Those pics are just fantastic - REALLY fantasic. Way to go girl :D. Thanks for sharing!