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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It All Starts Here.

Here are a few pics of us before the show. We had a really great time hanging out in line all day.
I always enjoy GA shows for that very reason. I do sometimes stress a bit before the "Big Run"..but I still enjoy them! The big run was fun. I thought you guys were right behind me, what took you so long?

It was a big crowd. The show was great. We all got really good pictures because the show was at 5PM., so we had natural light. Very cool.

Stay Tuned. Terra's pictures are coming up Next.

Us waiting in line.
TK! You go girl!
The Crowd early. More people came after I took this shot.

Another of the Crowd.

"The Lubbock Girls" as we call them. Mandy and Alex!! It was great seeing you girls!!!

Me and Lori!!! Looking forward to June!
Dan, Corrine, Jaci and Kevin! Our Partners in Crime for the day!

Shelly, Terra and Me, AKA The Okie Girls!

Another Shot of The Okies.

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Lori said...

I'm looking forward to June as well. Another state off my list. Love the pictures btw