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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shakin' Up Jonesboro Arkansas

Welcome to our Jonesboro, Arkansas show. Jason, Hayley and I had a great time rockin' on the front row. As usual, the guys delivered a high energy show. Was it worth the 9 hour drive? You betcha!

Mark Lee was ON tonight. He sounded amazing!

Hayley got some great shots of David

How much do we love Mac Powell? We drove 9 hours to see him.

It's a Mark Lee series.

Love the lighting on this Mac Powell shot.

"If you don't bookmark this site and visit often
I'm going to be miffed. I mean it. Don't test me."


Some call him The Cowboy, Mr. Tai Anderson!

I call this Mark's Mod Rocker look. :)

Arkansas' very own, Scotty Wilbanks!

Mark & Tai rock it!

I know it's washed out with the lighting, but still a cool pic.

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