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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carowinds-Charlotte, NC

The Trip to North Carolina will always be one I will remember. The trip itself almost didn't happen and it seemed to just be one thing after the other, from getting bumped off flights, almost getting stuck in Chicago, headaches, theft, rain, the heat... you get the picture. It happens sometimes. Even with all of that, it was a good trip and show.

It was great getting to see everyone!

The Camera Natzis were out in full force. I managed to get a few before the secruity guard made me put my camera away.

Traci, Jason, Terra and I will all be in St. Louis next weekend. Check back for ALOT of pictures.

Until then, here are a few.

1 comment:

SirMax said...

Well since I got 14 pictures I need some of these.....

Good times girl! I love you much.

OK and TX are going to be AWESOME!!!!

I'm so glad you got that picture with the guys.