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Monday, June 16, 2008

Enter & Win

We have been posting on this blog for about 4 months now and we think it is time for a contest!!

It is so very simple; just enter and win. Comment on this post and you are automatically entered to win. Tell us your favorite THIRD DAY song of all time. One entry per person, please. The contest is open until 5 o'clock Friday, June 27th. We will have a random drawing of all the entries and announce the winner on Monday, June 30th. Be sure your comment provides a link to an email address so we can notify the winner.

What's the prize? I'm glad you asked. :) We're calling it a THIRD DAY prize package. The prize includes, but is not limited to, a THIRD DAY tee shirt, a REVELATION CD, and a guitar pick.

The contest starts...NOW!

Small print:
*Everyone is eligible to win. Since we are the owners and sole proprietors of this site, we exclude only ourselves.
*We are not associated with or spokespersons for THIRD DAY. We function as a fan base. THIRD DAY was gracious enough to allow us to use their name to promote this photo blog dedicated to their live shows.
*We in no way profit from this site.


Kelly W said...


My favorite Third Day song would have to be I've Always Loved You. Partly because of sentimental value, and partly because it's an awesome song! :) I still remember the night my brother came over after worship band practice and said that they learned a new song and he knew I would like it, so he wanted to play it for me. Boy was he right! :) Almost 10 years later and I've been a Third Day fan since that night! :)

My email is williams_kellyr@yahoo.com

PICK ME! PICK ME! Hehe just kidding! I hope I don't get DQed for that little outburst there :p

GomerGal said...

saaaaaweeeeeet you guys are so cool I enjoy looking at your pictures...As I've said before it's the closest I get to a third day concert for now. Hmmm my favorite Third Day song continues to change lol but right now I really like Take It All. If some odd random chance I win...lol...you can tell me here at christianmonkey07@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Favorite Third Day song would be a tie between May Your Wonders Never Cease and Give. Tai has posted that he would love to play these songs, so please listen to him! Enjoyed meeting you after the show, Jamie! My e mail is e_rosell@msn.com. Hope to see you again soon.


Cebrina said...

Hard to pick one favorite... but one of my favs is "I've Always Loved You."

Praying I win!!! :)

Don't know how to put a link to my email and don't want to leave it on here, but I believe you have it Jamie. If not, I'm on the boards. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite Third Day song would have to be Let Me Love You. I could play that song all day and all night too. This new Revelation record has made a fan out of me.

Lori Hamlin (my email is iliveforhim@sbcglobal.net)

Teri said...

All time favorite would have to be "I've Always Loved You", but some of the new ones on Revelation have joined the ranks! Great pics from NC!
tanderson@sterling.edu is my email

Anonymous said...

Hey girls! I saw you at Carowinds Saturday. Was that a great show or what! I would have to say that my favorite song would have to be "Consuming Fire". It is the first song that I actually saw the video for. My email address is aybarbee@earthlink.net.

stephanie said...

May Your Wonders Never Cease

Can't explain exactly why, but that song just got me the first time I heard it.

SirMax said...



Silverose said...

Just wanted to take the chance to say again how cool this site is. I know I've told you before but nice job! I just got a new phone and had to down load four new Third Day ringers, You Made Me Mad, I Believe, Call My Name and Blessed Assurance. I Believe has been my song for Greg's ringer for a long time and Blessed Assurance is one of my Mom's favorites. I still have to get my all time favorite which is Your Love Oh Lord!

G-man aka Chris said...

One favorite huh? I'll go with Sky Falls Down.


Terra King said...

You girls both know my favorite song is OTHERSIDE !!! :)

See you both in 11 days !!

By the way... What color is that pick you are giving away ??? LOL
I will take RED please... :)


keith said...

thank you

DeAnna said...

Thanks so much for your website! My previous favorite was God of Wonders (live version, but Call my Name may have just taken over first place. There is not a song that I don't love! They are all so powerful and the band ALWAYS ROCKS! What's not to love!

my email is dsohn@nc.rr.com
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Deb S said...

I love them all - but God of Wonders - has to be the fav... this is a great giveaway...God Bless you guys

Theodore Harvill said...

I like Revelation, but, above all, EVERYTHING you all do is awesome and totally spiritually uplifting!

Traci said...

Great participation! Thanks for being a part of it.
Some of you didn't leave an email address and we have no way of contacting you if you win.
Don't want to publicize your email? No problem. Send your contact info to:


kaylee8 said...

I've Always Loved You is my favorite!

Jeremy said...

I stumbled onto Third Day's music checking out different bands on CDNOW. Now their one of my favorites.

Karrie said...

I would have to say I've Always loved you is my favorite

yyeres said...

my fav - I've Always Loved You. thanks for the contest

dolly said...

I've Always Loved You

Sylvia P said...

i've always really liked the May Your Wonders Never Cease. Great Giveaway!

klp1965 said...

count me in please :)