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Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Builds Tour Dallas

Okay I'll start at the beginning now. I left Raleigh at 6 freakin' am to get to Dallas. I passed through 4 airports to do so. I met up with friends and we went to dinner. Got to the venue and missed RED then missed most of JOC. Went down for Robert Randolph. I wasn't looking forward to their set because in Raleigh I was BORED! Not sure what went wrong in Raleigh because no one seemed to be enjoying RR. Well Dallas changed me...I had a blast!!! Then Switchfoot came on. I've mentioned this before but I will repeat myself. I have been a fan for years...now I'm hooked. I had never seen Switchfoot live ...well in 2008 I have seen them live 7 times (wow...sounds like stalker material). I plan to see them more in the future! Bari let me switch seats so I could stand in front of HSG!!!! (okay I'll let you in on the secret...I [and a few others] think that Tim Foreman is a hottie so we have dubbed him Hottie Switchfoot Guy....HSG....shhhhh now don't tell everyone!) Good show, good show, good show! Now onto Third Day....I'm amazed at how these guys get better and better. The show started with "This is who I am" [they didn't play it again the whole weekend :( ]. Great energy. Mac said it must be ladies night on the front row. We were Gomer stacked! Gomers were well represented in Dallas. I LOVED LOVED LOVED how they played "Thief". No more sitting down! I told Mac that too at the M&G. The song is amazing but when we sit down it just loses it's passion. The encore was again was worth my ticket price. Hearing Mac sing "When loves comes to town" blows me away.

This was a great day. No problems at the airports. Dinner with great friends. Getting to see "old" faces again that I haven't seen in years. Meeting new ones. Seeing a great show. Starting my Red River Roadtrip with Jamie and Lori....yeah this day was great!

I uploaded some pictures at my Facebook so I tried to pick different ones for this post. Enjoy.



lori caldwell said...

Nice pictures Wendy! HSG...You know Bari, Jamie, and I still need to start our club. ;-)

SirMax said...

So what will you call the club? HSGNSH? (Hottie Switchfoot Guy not so hottie?) ;)