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Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Builds Tour Houston

This is the show that almost didn't happen. Glad it did!

When we were buying tickets in the Spring we were blessed enough to get front row for Dallas and San Antonio on the presale pull. We knew Houston would probably be hard to get front because Third Day has ALOT of fans in Houston. Well I pulled row B beyond the Pit on Tai's side for alot less than front row. Called Jamie and she was okay with this. Now fast forward to Hurricane Ike....he decided to destroy the arena where Third Day would be playing. We waited to see if the show would be canceled or postponed. All the other shows scheduled for that venue had been canceled already. I know this sounds selfish but I really wanted to get my "4fer status" so I REALLY wanted this show to happen (and for alot of other reasons too). Well the venue was moved and so were our tickets. We were now on the 6th row on Mark's side. Jamie told Mac the night before that we would be on the sixth row and his response was "it will sound better from back there"....whatever. So we get to the venue and we find 2 seats on the second row and enjoy JOC and RR from there until the rightful owners showed up. Then we "gladly" moved to our seats. (Oh...Lori btw is on the front row for this show...Mac took her camera and we were very excited about that!) Switchfoot came out and I have to give Jamie props here. She is not a big Switchfoot fan at all but she sure did rock out with me on the 6th row....ROCKIN' THE SIXTH ROW!!! Well I wanted to meet SF so during the last two songs I slipped out and went to get in position to be in line to go backstage and not miss any of Third Day. I was the first one in line and got my picture with Jon and Tim and got back in time to miss none of why I was there. Third Day came out rocking as usual. They started with Creed I think this show. I prefer "This is who I am" but it was still good. "Thief" was amazing once again. "God of Wonders" was my favorite part....wait...that is the cold medicine talking...NOT! Mac did actually find me and Jamie WAY BACK in the 6th row ;) Did it sound better? No.....

The encore was spot on once again....this show was a good one. I have always wanted to see a show in Houston and it lived up to the hype....had a great time with Jamie in the SIXTH ROW (but it still sucks as Jamie would say!)

Now the fun part was we (me, Jamie and Lori) wrote out a set list to give the guys. We had a play list, a "get rid of" list, and a "if you feel froggy" list (stuff we know they will probably NEVER play!) We gave the list to Mac at the M&G thinking he wouldn't even read it so we told Tai that Mac had it. Tai said 'we will read so we can tell you why it won't work' ....blah blah blah. Well you have to read the San Antonio post to find out what happened! ;)

The M&G went very well I thought. Mike is great. The crowd was not too big and we seemed to get plenty of face time with the band.

Now onto my pictures. Once again...I've uploaded some to Facebook and I've tried to pick different one for here. I didn't take as many as usual though. Enjoy.


I wish these pictures had come out better. These guys were jamming all night long. Jamie and I kept saying we wish we were sitting with them.


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