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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music Builds Tour- San Antonio, TX

San Antonio was the 3rd Night of the 4 Shows in 4 Day run. I didn't take any pics in Houston. Wendy and I sat on Row F and I decided to just enjoy the show and not take a bunch of pics with heads and arms in the shots. It was fun to just watch a show for a change, not so fun from Row F, but I am working on letting that go soon.
Wendy is going to do a Guest Post in the next few days and share some of her shots from the weekend.
Stay tuned for OKC and some pics of us girls from the weekend.


GomerGal said...

Once again Great photos Jamie!

Kelly said...

AWESOME pics Jamie!!! I'm takin' them all :p I'm so sitting with you next time too! ;)

Jamie said...

I would love it if you would sit with me next time, Kelly!!

Melanie said...

Really nice set of photos. Thanks for sharing them. :)