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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Music Builds Tour San Antonio

Day 3....Slept really well at Lori's brother's house. Her family is a hoot. We got up and were in no hurry (should have been a little more on the ball but here it worked out fine). Lori decided to make us pancakes using this...

Sounds simple huh? Well....she made it bit too thin. Her brother took one look at it and asked if we were having crepes then he said and I quote "you suck at pancakes". Me and Jamie cracked up. Then Ricky suggested we go to Cracker Barrel. Well I believe Jamie and I broke the speed of sound running upstairs to get our shoes on to head out the door. Had a great time at breakfast! See....

So we got on the road to head to San Antonio from Houston. We weren't tired (were we girls?) So...here is what the trip looked like...

I started making poster as we were going down the road. This is what happens when you talk and draw! I wrote the wrong words....

Here is the sign I was trying to make. We missed the Wards!

I used this sign in OKC (kinda cool that I can tell you what happened in the future huh?). Mac took "requests" and he told me "I'll keep that one in the back of my mind"....what????

I think we listened to "Irreplaceable" about 50 times. This was for Tai...
Tai never saw this sign. We improvised and showed it to Mac.
Here is what we saw most of the way there.

But the sky was very pretty at times.

So we got to San Antonio during Robert Randolph's set. We got to our seats during the set change. Nice venue and it was packed. We had front row again (well Lori was in row M....much better than row F right???? LOL) See....

Switchfoot was awesome again. I even got "love" from Jon Foreman. He doesn't really look people in the eye when singing but I told him at the M&G in Houston that I would be at the show in San Antonio. I believed he recognized me and he looked my way several times. Yes I was happy! They played "Dirty Second Hands" again this set. I like that song alot. "Awakening" has become one of my favorite songs and I love hearing Tim sing on this song. "Dare you to move" has been a favorite of mine for years and hearing it live is just great. So onto my Switchfoot pictures.

This is during "Dirty Second Hands". Jon takes the cymbal and twirls around the stage beating the heck out of it. Well the only way to really capture that is to set the camera to sport mode with continuous shooting and just hold the button down. Here is what came out...kinda freaky.

Onto Third Day. People ask if I ever get tired of seeing them in concert. NOPE. I get excited about every show I attend. The songs may be familiar but each show is different. Each show has something that sticks out in my mind about it. This show is the one where Mac, Tai and David (not sure about Mark because we didn't get to talk to him about it) actually read the set list we gave them (remember the Houston post?) and they played some of the songs on the list! So the first song we got very excited about was "Slow Down". I saw this one live in Raleigh and Dallas but Houston got left out. This song is AWESOME live...so we put it on our set list (I'll have to remember that list and tell you what it is...) Well, I believe Mac knew we were most excited about that one because he smiled at me and Jamie during the whole song. Oh...Lori joined us in the second row for Third Day so that was a good thing. Then the worship segment of the set started. It isn't that I don't like "God of Wonders" ....wait....yes it is...I don't like that song but I know that the crowd does and per Mac "that song will never leave the set list". We suggested some other songs because they have PLENTY!!!! Okay I about had a MOMENT when they started to play "King of Glory". Two reasons for it: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and it was on the set list we made. I told Jamie that they must have read our list!!! Well they still played GOW but after KOG I was fine. The show rocked. I miss "This is who I am" but I love "I gotta feelin'" so starting the show with that suits me just fine!

The meet and greet was in a very cramped and awkward place so it didn't run very smooth. We barely spoke to Tai. We did get to speak to Mark and David quite a bit. Mac was swamped and we spoke to him while we took the group shot. He did ask if I was happy they played part of the set list! Then David talked about the set list too. I was quite impressed that they even read it. Best part of the night...David and I were talking about GOW and he said "I'm ready for God to have His wonder back".....oh my...I still laugh about that.

I'll have to get with Jamie and Lori and remember the entire set list and post it.

Now for some Third Day pics

I tried to get "HELP ME GOD"...the camera was only fast enough for "HELP GOD"....I know He doesn't need my help!

Have I mentioned yet that I VERY MUCH enjoyed the encore each night!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the entire tour.


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Lori Caldwell said...

Thank you Wendy for informing everyone of my awesome pancake making skills. :-p