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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Something New in More Ways than One.

I have no concert pics to post. HOB is so picky about cameras. I got one in, but I was scared to pull it out. I wanted it mainly for the Wired Meet and Greet and didn't want to have to go and retrieve it from the checked cameras.The show was something new. Something I had never seen before. A show without Brad. Was it weird? sorta. It was really strange seeing Mark Lee gstanding on the left side of the stage and Tai standing up front in Mark's spot. I am going to have to work on calling them Tai's and Mark's spot now.I thought the concert was great.

I had seen 2 of the HOB shows in CA the weekend before and thought the guys did a wonderful job. I was worried if this show would measure up. It did. They came out with more energy than I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few shows....They just seemed to click. I can't really explain it. We were really Rockin out on the front row. Maybe more than usual even.I am not an expert on music, so I couldn't tell you where there were missing parts and such. I do know they sounded great. Mark Lee did a great job and Tai was all over the stage as usual. He did great on BGVs. I can't wait to hear it on Wired Radio. We can't always hear the BGVs on the front row clearly.Of course David did his normal excellent job!! and Mac, well Mac is Mac. He sounded AWESOME!!

All this change is going to take some getting used to, but it will be fine.Third Day is still Third Day. They will keep us Rockin through the Spring tour and Summer Festivals and hopefully a fall leg as well. Looking forward to it guys!!! I am playing around with a photoblog. Instead of resizing all my pics and posting them, I uploaded them and I am going to link it. We will see how this works. Something new for me as well.I had fun with all you guys hanging in line all day. Let's do it again.....

Our View from Our Very Nice Hotel Room

Jason checking the world wide web before heading to the HOB for lunch.

Me and Traci!

Me, Traci and Jason.

Me and J. Love you.

A really cool fountain outside our hotel.

Me and Traci being silly in front of the Virgin Record store. Doesn't everyone love KISS?

Jason and Traci at our "entertaining" lunch at the HOB.

It's a long story.

Jason and Traci in Downtown Disney.

Christy showing us where the Pass the Line line starts......

Debbie, Who could she be talking to? I wonder...?

Sitting in line. Christy, Sandra, Debbie and Traci.

Me and Christy. It was fun hanging out with you!
Me and Debbie! I will see you in Louisiana.

Me and My new friend Sandra. It was great meeting you.

Me and Janet being very silly. That is tea she has in her glass or is it?

Since the HOB is so picky about cameras, sadly I have no concert pictures to share. I did take a few pics at the Meet and Greet.

Me with Jenn!

David and Jason. Love the shirt J!

Tai with Christy.

David and Christy.
Me and Dave from Revive. They are a great band. If you haven't checked them out, do. You won't be disappointed.

Mac and Traci!

Me and Traci. Love you girl. It was a great adventure.

Disney, a place "Where Dreams Come True".


Rhonda said...

Love the pics, Jamie, and the new blog format. Looking forward to your Spring Tour pics.

SirMax said...

Great pictures as usual. Can't wait to spend all day with you and Traci and Jason in June!!!

Traci said...

Good job, McG! This blog is going to be fun!