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Monday, March 31, 2008

Shelly and Lori's OKC Pictures!

Shelly and Lori manned my little camera in OKC. Shelly took the first part of the show and then Lori's battery in her camera died and she used my camera. Very nice job ladies.

Here we go.....First shot is of The Cowboy!!! He did make an appearance in Oklahoma!!!

One more of the Cowboy.
Mac Powell.

Another of Tai.


Come on Back to Meeeee.........

A few more Tai.

Mr. Powell!!!

I like this shot.

Mac and Dave from Revive.
Mark Lee.

Another of Mac.

A cool shot of David.

That bass player.

The Cowboy once again.

The newest member of Third Day in OKC, on Tambourine. ME!! I was anxiously awaiting the handing off the tambourine.

Koen wanted to help. Actually he did most of the tambourine playing.

We made a great team!!
But in the end, he finished out the song. He is quite the ROCKSTAR!!!

Handle with Care.


God of Wonders.

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