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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Traci's Columbus, GA Pictures, Part 1

These are Traci's pictures from last nights show in Columbus, GA.
She got some really great shots!! Thanks for sharing Traci!

Dave from Revive.

Sanctus Real

What you have been waiting for..... Third Day pics.

Tai Anderson singing some BGVs.

The Dr........Mark Lee.

Tai helping Mac out.

Up close and personal of Mac.

The Ace of Bass.

A couple of Mark.

Another of Mr. Powell.

Mark and Tai


Another great shot of Mac and Tai.

Mark Lee posin for Mr. Ward.

Mark and Mac.

Cool shot of Mark.

Really good shot of Tai!

A great shot of Mac.
A rare shot of David with a mic.

A Jam session.

Mac and Dave from Revive.

Mark Lee getting down on his guitar.

Another of that bass player.


Traci meetin and greetin Tai.

That's all she gave me. Stay tuned for more from tonight's show.


PWHS said...

Oh my! Those are AWESOME pix!!! Whoa!

tizzylish said...

awesome pictures. I've taken pictures from the 4th row center before and never gotten so close and crisp as these...do you mind me asking what lens you use or where you're taking these from? I'd love to be able to have concert pics I've taken look this good.

Traci said...

Hi tizzylish. Thanks for checking out our photo blog.

I use a Fuji FinPix S700. No special lens, no special settings. Most of my shots are taken with the setting on auto. On a few of the shots I reduced the photo noise with Paint Shop Pro, but other than that the pix are untouched.

These pix were taken from a VERY close front row.

Keep checking back! There are several more shows to come for the Spring tour.