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Monday, March 31, 2008

Snap Shots before the Show!

Here are a few shots of us from the OKC show. Concert pics are coming up next. Hopefully my internet is going to hold out. We are having some major storms right now.

Waiting in line. We always enjoy our time together in line.
Terra practicing her Photography skills before the show.
Me and my traveling partner for the Weekend. Love you girl!!! YOU ROCK! You do a great job of keeping the driver awake at 4 AM.

Terra and Lori!!!
Me and Shelly. Love you girl!! You have many shows in your future, I can feel it!!
Me and Shel being silly!! We get that way before a show!!

My New Friends. Always have a plan!!! See you gals next time!

Terra and Koen. What a RockSTAR he is!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the cowoby!!!!!

stephanie said...

Koen is so adorable! That picture with Terra and Koen is just too cute. He's just grown on up.

Rhonda said...

Ok, tell me the little mini-Mac shirt on Koen is not super cute? He's so adorable.