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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monroe, LA Pre and Post Concert Pictures

Concert pictures coming soon.........

We had our normal little photo shoot before and after the show.

Me and Debbie, Is this one better?

Debbie, Me and Corrine.

Me and Lori!! Looking forward to our historic road trip next week!

BFF's Forever.

Me and Corrine.

Dan and Corrine.

Me and Sunnie!!

Group shot after the show at the Wired Meet and Greet.

Me and Lawson!!

Lori, Lawson, Bari and Debbie!!! Lovely ladies.

Dan and Bari. Corrine has my picture with Dan. I will add it when she sends it to me.

Sunnie and Debbie
Finally got a picture with Bari.

Me and Mac at the Meet and Greet.

Last but not least. Me and Tai at the Meet and Greet.


SirMax said...

No braces...looking GOOOOODDDD girl!!!

When do I get to see you??? Oh yeah..June!

Ashleigh said...

In agreement with Wendy.....looking good girl looking good!! LOVE seeing the pics of you fabulous ladies....thanks for getting some of everyone and posting them. Y'all all look lovely!

Jamie said...

Thanks ladies!!