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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monroe, LA Concert Pictures!

At last! My Monroe pictures. Let me just qualify myself with it's been a while since I took pictures, so I am quite rusty. Hopefully by the end of next weekend, I will be back in the groove of things.

Let's start out with a few of the opening bands.

Revive from Down Under.


Sanctus Real

A few more of Decemberadio.

At last Third Day! Let's start things off with a couple of Mac Powell.

Mark Lee.

Another of Mr. Powell.

The Cowboy minus the Hat.

Come on Back to Me.....

That awesome guitar player.

Mac Powell.
Tai A.

Mac and Tai.
Mac cheesing it up.
Tai singing some BGV's.



Mac again.

David Carr.

Tai. Mac.

Mark Lee singing some BGVs.

David Carr singing some BGVs.


Another shot of Mac.
David Carr on Drums.

The Dr.

A few of Mr. Anderson.

More of Mark Lee.

That cool lead singer.

For all you Mark Lee fans out there....A few slide pics.

Mac Powell.

More of the bass player.

Mac again.

More of Mark.

Love the lights.


Tai. Love these lights too.

Mark has really great lighting.


I will always be true......

Another rare shot of David.
Tai getting down on the bass.
Mark Lee.

Love these shots of Mac.

More of Tai.

Tai is doing a great job on BGVs.
Tai and David jamming out!


Mr. Lee.

Cool Revive shirt!

Mark thought something was funny. Mr. Anderson.

Take me to the other Side.

The newest memeber of the band....DAN! Mac.

Time for some fun with all the bands.

I like this shot of Mark.

Another of Mac.



Last one.

I will work really hard to get my pictures up fast next weekend. I am hoping for some WiFi while we are in line. We will see how that works out for me.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you are rusty at all! Great pics-thanks. Makes me wish I was there even more!

Rhonda said...

Those are good, Jamie. I especially like the ones of Mark on slide. Can't wait to see yours from this weekend. I guess you heard Mark gave you a shout out on him blog. Pretty cool!

Rock Photo Star said...

Really nice looking blog and some really nice shots here. I just photogged them in May. Check out the photo shows at www.killerbandphotos.com

I think you'll be impressed. One show is just full stage shots that really shows off their lighting and the full band and the other are individual shots like you have here.